Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic body of the University responsible for approving academic proposals and for providing advice on academic policy, academic strategy and academic standards. The Board comprises 56 members, including the Chancellor and Deputy-Chancellor, members of the Executive Team, Deans and Faculty Presiding Members, 24 members elected from the academic staff and four from the student body. Membership also includes ‘such other persons’ approved by Council. The Academic Board advises the Vice-Chancellor and Council on matters relating to teaching, scholarship and research and takes decisions on delegation from Council. Its purpose is to provide advice on academic policy; approve courses and programs; further and co-ordinate the work of the Faculties and other academic units; and support teaching, scholarship and research.


President, Professor Prem Ramburuth

Deputy President, Associate Professor David Cohen

Kathrine Taunton, Deputy Head of Governance

The Academic Board sponsors UNSW wide forums on topics of interest as well as State and National meetings of Chairs of Academic Boards. Board meetings regularly discuss hot topics of current interest.