Strategic Intent

B2B Blueprint to Beyond - click to download

Blueprint to Beyond, the UNSW Strategic Intent, forms the enduring and overarching strategy for the University. We revisit it regularly, finetuning our strategies in order to achieve our objectives and fulfil our aspiration. 

Strategy involves choice. There are many goals that a leading research intensive university with our strengths could seek to achieve. We focus on what we do and can do best. Our strengths are built on our traditions of the highest academic standards, our record of leading the way with industry and community partnerships and our history of engaging internationally. 

The UNSW Strategic Intent reflects the fundamental university mission of education, research and community engagement. It underpins our Faculty and Divisional plans, and its guiding principles and objectives inform our policies, processes and procedures. 

Our challenge is to strive to fulfil our aspiration – to continuously improve our position as a leading research intensive university in Australia and a peer in good standing with the best globally, with strong traditions of excellence, innovation and social justice. 

B2B is a strategy to enhance effectiveness and interdisciplinarity. We seek to minimise the barriers between faculties and disciplines, and between blue sky research and research of more immediate impact. The name B2B captures the idea of the practical application of research, as in “Bench to Bedside” in medicine, or “Bench to Building” in architecture. 

The University will achieve its aspiration where students, staff and the community work together, and where the University’s capabilities and resources support that aim.