Accepting and deferring your offer

Accepting your offer
This is what you’ve been waiting for. If you are accepted for one of your UNSW degree choices you will most likely receive an offer in mid to late January 2014. You can then jump online accept and enrol for your degree via

What do we mean by deferring?
If you receive an offer to enrol in a degree at UNSW but for whatever reason you cannot start straight away, you can defer or delay starting your degree for 1 to 2 years. 

Who can defer?

If you got an offer to study at UNSW as a domestic undergraduate and you haven’t been given a deferment for the same (or a similar) degree before, then you can defer your degree.

There are some programs that you can’t defer though so please be aware that Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship places, a Co-op scholarship or program, or an offer to study at UNSW Canberra cannot be deferred.

How do I defer?

You simply defer your offer through the myUNSW Accept Online process when you receive your offer to enrol in your undergraduate degree. With your letter of offer from UNSW will be information on how to access myUNSW to request a deferment.

Once you defer, you will receive an online confirmation that you can save or print for your records and also an email with a Deferment Confirmation letter with information on how to take up your deferred place in a future semester. If you haven't received your Deferment Confirmation letter within two weeks of deferring your offer, call the UNSW Admissions Office on +61 (2) 9385 3656

Can I defer and start my degree mid-year?

Yes you can. The flexibility we provide at UNSW means that most programs can be deferred to start in either Semester One or Semester Two (mid-year). A few degrees though are limited or aren’t available to be started mid-year, including:

• Arts and Social Sciences - Music, Social Work
• Built Environment - All degrees
• Engineering - Civil Engineering (with Architecture)
• Law - Combined Law
• Medicine - Medicine, Exercise Physiology
• Science - Aviation (Flying), Medical Science, Optometry, Psychology
• Enabling Programs - UNSW Prep, UPP

You should also be aware that for some degrees the full range of courses offered in Semester One may not be offered in Semester Two. Depending on your choice of courses, you may need to wait until Semester One of the following year to enrol in some subjects e.g. language studies. For further information in relation to restrictions on mid-year enrolment, contact your Faculty Office.

Do I have to pay to defer?

No. It does not cost anything to defer your degree.

Can my deferment lapse?

Yes. If you undertake study at AQF Diploma level or higher during your deferment, you will need to reapply for admission through UAC and declare all of your studies.

How do I take up my deferred place?

Simply login to UNSW’s Accept Online facility and you can take up your place at university and enrol.

All the information on how to do this will be included in your Confirmation of Deferment letter which will be emailed to you when you defer.

Further information
UNSW Admissions Office
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Tel: +61 2 9385 3656