Study by distance & offshore programs

The following is a list of postgraduate distance degrees.

Some face-to-face degrees also offer some courses by distance. Check the Faculty sites or the Online Handbook for a complete list of all postgraduate degrees

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UNSW Business School

Program NameProgram Code
Master of Taxation9250
Master of Applied Taxation9260
Graduate Diploma in Advanced Taxation5540
Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning7273
Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning5273
AGSM Programs
Program NameProgram Code
Master of Business & Technology8616
Graduate Diploma in Business & Technology5457
Graduate Certificate in Business & Technology7333
Graduate Certificate in Change Management7315

UNSW Art & Design

Program NameProgram Code
Master of Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design9309
Graduate Diploma in Cross-Disciplinary Arts and Design5309
Graduate Certificate in Cross-Disciplinary Arts and Design7309

Faculty of Engineering

Program Name and Study Area Program Code
Master of Engineering Science8538
Master of Engineering Science (Extn)8539
Graduate Diploma of Engineering Science5338
Graduate Certificate of Engineering ScienceOnly in the following plans: - Project Management - Water, Wasterwater and Waste Engineering7338

Faculty of Medicine

Program NameProgram Code
Drug Development 
Master of Medical Science in Drug Development9060
Graduate Diploma in Drug Development5504
Forensic Mental Health 
Master of Forensic Mental Health9012
Graduate Diploma of Forensic Mental Health5512
Graduate Certificate of Forensic Mental Health7312
Health Management 
Master of Health Management8901
Graduate Diploma in Health Management5509
Graduate Certificate in Health Management7360
International Public Health 
Master of International Public Health 9048
Master of International Public Health/Master of Health Management9044
Master of International Public Health/Master of Public Health9043
Pharmaceutical Medicine 
Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine5511
Public Health 
Master of Public Health9045
Master of Public Health (Extn)9046
Master of Public Health/ Master of Health Management9047
Graduate Diploma in Public Health5507
Graduate Certificate in Public Health7368
Reproductive Medicine 
Master in Reproductive Medicine9065
Graduate Diploma in Reproductive Medicine5508
Graduate Certificate in Reproductive Medicine7379

Faculty of Science

Program NameProgram Code
Master of Science and Technology in Aviation8738
Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management5678
Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management7448
Master of Environmental Management8623
Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management5499
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management7339

UNSW Canberra at ADFA

Program NameProgram Code
Master of Arts8175
Master of Business8388
Graduate Diploma of Business5377
Graduate Certificate of Business7366
Master of Engineering Science8569
Graduate Diploma of Engineering Science5889
Master of Project Management8595
Graduate Diploma of Project Management5595
Master of Systems Engineering8567
Graduate Diploma of Systems Engineering5867
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology7380
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology5395
Master of Information Technology9380