Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Board

The UNSW Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Board comprises leaders from across the University. The Board was established to support UNSW’s Social Engagement objectives which are an integral element of the 2025 Strategy:

  • Achieve equality of access for students of all backgrounds
  • Equality of progression for all staff
  • Promote equality and diversity in society

The Board meets quarterly to identify and prioritise initiatives to improve equity and diversity across UNSW for staff and students and to review the progress of diversity goals against the plans and targets set by the University, its faculties and divisions.

Five diversity initiatives form the basis of the University’s Social Engagement objectives.

Staff Equity Program
Address differences in employment rates based on gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity cultural background and Indigenous origin to ensure that such factors do not influence recruitment, hiring, promotion, pay level or retention.

Student Equity Program
Design and deliver a systematic approach to the recruitment and support of students of high potential that recognises their diverse backgrounds.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan
Create a campus culture that recognises the needs of people with disabilities and ensures the learning and teaching experience is welcoming and inclusive and that the University’s built and digital environment is accessible for staff and students with disability.

Indigenous Program
Celebrate the important place of Indigenous Australians at UNSW. Implement a University-wide scheme focused on continuously improving Indigenous students’ access and degree completions and provide opportunities for Indigenous staff to build their careers.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Champions
Champions from across the University will lead and inspire the diversity agenda internally and externally. The Champions will work with representatives from diversity groups to drive the agenda for equity and inclusion across UNSW.

ED&I Board Academic Chair - Professor Eileen Baldry

Eileen Baldry was appointed Academic Chair of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Board in early 2016 and in mid-2017 was made UNSW’s first Deputy Vice-Chancellor Equity Diversity and Inclusion. Eileen is a member of UNSW’s Management Board.

As DVC EDI she oversees governance and policy setting by the Board, ensuring these align with the mission, direction and priorities outlined in UNSW’s 2025 Strategy. “The evidence is that the more we improve equity and fairness in our society - that is, reduce the gap between rich and poor, achieve equity for women, Indigenous Australians, people with disability, the LGBTIQ community and other marginalised groups of people - the more everyone is able to contribute to and be positively invested in their communities and the broader society. Greater social justice results in a happier, safer and more prosperous society for all.”

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To contact the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Board email: edi@unsw.edu.au