Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Board Terms of Reference

Authorised by: Professor Eileen Baldry
Effective date: 30 March 2021
Responsibility for Implementation Governance Officer, Division of EDI


The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Board will guide organisational change to enable the University to be a global exemplar in higher education for equity, diversity and inclusion. The University’s Leadership Team, EDI Team and Diversity Champions will play a key role in driving institutional change and fostering equitable access, and a fair, inclusive and culturally safe environment for all staff and students as part of the University’s 2025 strategic vision.

Role and Responsibilities of the UNSW’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion Board:

  • to be a source of truth for equity, diversity and inclusion for UNSW where matters of EDI import to the University can be discussed with representation from all areas of the university community
  • advise the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Equity Diversity and Inclusion on matters of EDI import e.g. Memorandum of Advice, Recommendations Papers etc. or respond to requests from the Deputy Vice Chancellor for EDI advice
  • identify and prioritise new initiatives to improve equity, diversity and inclusion across UNSW for staff and students. This includes the convening and governance of sub-groups and working parties and/or implementation of initiatives as required to support UNSW’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategic objectives and targets
  • identify and prioritise evidence-informed initiatives, innovative approaches and models of best practice to form a community of practice at UNSW and guide institutional change
  • identify and support improvements to UNSW’s equity and diversity metrics for reporting and the development of targets
    • a. low-SES access, participation and success metrics
    • b. student and school diversity composition
    • c. student ‘experience’ targets for EDI cohorts
    • d. staff diversity representation and distribution (across occupations such as identified in WGEA, Athena SWAN, in EDI planning)
    • e. staff diversity participation (recruitment and selection, retention, advancement/promotion)
    • f. the ‘experience’ of staff from diverse backgrounds through surveys and consultations (satisfaction / engagement measures)
  • consider and advise on EDI Standards (policy, procedures and guidelines) impacting student and staff equity, diversity, inclusive teaching and learning, inclusive IT and built environments and the staff and student experience at UNSW
  • provide advice, input and guidance which supports equity students across the student life cycle, spanning pre-access to extra-curriculum experience and success and graduate transition; and of Staff from underrepresented groups across the employment life cycle including access, participation, retention and advancement
  • provide advice, input and guidance which supports staff from underrepresented groups across the employment life cycle, spanning attraction, recruitment and selection, participation, retention and advancement
  • provide expert advice on institutional responses to higher education policy and as developed by government and more broadly as part of emerging political agendas
  • be a role model, advocate and raise awareness amongst staff and students of the value of individual responsibility for and contribution to equity, diversity, inclusion and cultural safety at UNSW

Role of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Equity Diversity and Inclusion

The DVC EDI will Chair UNSW’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion Board and oversee governance and policy setting by the Board, ensuring these align with the mission, direction and priorities outlined in UNSW’s 2025 Strategy and its updates. The Chair will develop and set the agenda for each Board meeting and be the main point of contact between the Board and the University’s Management Board and Vice-Chancellor.

Composition and Structure

Professor Eileen Baldry: Deputy Vice Chancellor Equity Diversity & Inclusion, Chair, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor

President and Vice-Chancellor Ex officio
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic & Student Life Ex officio
Provost Ex officio

Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous

Ex officio
Dean – Arts, Design & Architecture Ex officio
Dean - Business School  Ex officio
Dean - Engineering  Ex officio
Dean - Law & Justice Ex officio
Dean - Medicine & Health Ex officio
Dean – Science  Ex officio
Rector UNSW Canberra at ADFA  Ex officio
Co-DVC Equity, Diversity & Inclusion  Ex officio
Chief HR Officer  Ex officio
Vice President External Engagement Ex officio
Director University Diversity & Inclusion  Ex officio
Director Access and Equity (Students) Ex officio
Director Risk Management  Ex officio
One Co-Diversity Champion - Gender Equity 2-year term
One Co-Diversity Champion – Disability Inclusion 2-year term
One Co-Diversity Champion - Cultural Diversity 2-year term
One Co-Diversity Champion - LGBTIQ  2-year term
One Co-Diversity Champion – Parents and Families  2-year term
Chair, Faculty EDI Committees (where not the Dean) Ex officio
Chair, Divisional EDI Committees Ex officio
President SRC  Ex officio
Chair Arc Board  Ex officio

The composition of the EDI Board will be diverse and welcome membership by people of all genders. To comply with the Representation on UNSW Committees and Decision-Making Bodies Procedure in the interests of gender equity, males and females are to each hold at least 40% of the membership of the EDI Board.

The Board may seek to appoint a small number of external advisors. The Board may, with the consent of the Chair, invite any person or persons to all or part of its meetings to assist in its work or to attend as an observer. The purpose of the external advisors is to provide advice and guidance to the Board as needed.

A quorum for the Board shall be 50% of the membership plus one. Attendance by teleconference shall be counted in quorum.

Matters before the Board are expected to be resolved on a consensus basis.

Meetings and Attendance

The Board will normally meet four times per year, and the schedule of meetings will be agreed in advance. The Chair may convene additional meetings at any time on reasonable notice.

It is expected that each member of the Board will attend more than half the meetings each year. If a member is unable to attend, it is expected that they will be represented at the Board meeting by somebody from the same cohort with appropriate delegation.

The Governance Officer for Equity Diversity and Inclusion will provide secretariat support to the Board.


The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Board is an Advisory Committee to the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Equity Diversity and Inclusion. The Board may make recommendations to the Chair who may take them to the Management Board.

Minutes from each Board meeting will be provided to the Management Board by the Chair.

Regular updates will feature in Inside UNSW, on the EDI website and other appropriate communication channels.