Former Professors and Senior Officers

Welcome from Vice-Chancellor

On behalf of UNSW Sydney I warmly welcome you to the UNSW Emeriti Website.

The Emeriti are a foundation element of the UNSW community. I encourage you to explore these pages to find out more about the Emeriti, who they are and the contribution they have made to UNSW.

Professor Ian Jacobs
President and Vice-Chancellor 

About the Emeriti

The Emeriti of UNSW are an important group of former Professors and senior officers who have left UNSW after a period of distinguished service to the University and who have been awarded Emeritus status by the UNSW Council.

In awarding the title Emeritus, the UNSW Council seeks to recognise publicly the eminent contribution that these individuals have made to the academic integrity of the University; and to the advancement and development of UNSW as a centre for distinguished scholarship in teaching and research.

The purpose of the UNSW Emeriti is to continue to promote UNSW as an institution for teaching and research excellence; to enhance the continuing professionalism of the Emeriti; and to provide for the fellowship of the members through an active and continuing participation in the life of the UNSW community.

An Honorary Dean, chosen biennially by the Vice-Chancellor, heads the UNSW Emeriti.

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