Board of Studies (BOS)


Several programs (proposed or established) will be managed and in some cases taught by staff in the Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education). These include the Diploma of Professional Practice (DPP), Foundations of Learning & Teaching, the enabling programs including the University Preparation Program, the reviewed Diploma in Humanities (Dip Hum) and Diploma of Science, Engineering & Technology (Dip SET) as well as the Nura Gili Indigenous Pre-Programs and Indigenous Courses.

Terms of Reference

  • The BOS will be responsible for program/course development that falls outside a faculty, for changes to those programs/courses and for developing recommendations to flow to relevant sub-committees of the Academic Board (PUAEC/UGSC).

The BOS will operate as a Faculty Standing Committee

  • whole-of-institution undergraduate or undergraduate-entry programs that build on the scaffolding of generic capabilities of the students would come through the BOS;

The BOS undertakes the following:

  • management of the alternative pathways and enabling programs, the graduate capability programs and the indigenous courses
  • act as a Faculty Assessment Review Group (FARG)
  • manage future direction for the programs and courses
  • review programs and courses on a regular basis

The Board includes external advisers from the community to manage quality assurance and continual improvement.

Membership of the Board of Studies

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) – ChairProfessor Geoffrey Crisp
Director, Nura Gili Professor Martin Nakata
Director, Learning & Teaching @ UNSW Professor Stephen Marshall
Associate Dean (Education/Academic/Undergraduate) 

Associate Dean (Education)

Faculty of Science

Faculty Presiding member Associate Professor Ursula Rao
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
1 representative of Business Community Ms Gabrielle Curtin
Executive Manager People Operations
QANTAS Airways Limited
1 Representative of Indigenous Community Mr Kevin Lowe
Aboriginal Curriculum Unit
Office of the Board of Studies NSW
Other representatives (co-opt expertise when required) 

Dr Rob Forage, CEO UNSW Global


Mr John Reed, Director
Student Services & Systems


Ms Taye Morris, Manager
Careers & Employment


Ms Sandra Norris, Director
Student Life & Learning


Associate Professor Sue Starfield, Director
The Learning Centre


Coordinator of Enabling Programs
Ms Lene Jensen
Project Officer


Clare Jones,  Manager, Student Administration

Assessment Sub-Committee:

The Assessment Sub-Committee will meet three times a year at the end of each semester and comprise:

  • Academic members of the Board:
    Geoffrey Crisp (PVCE –Chair), Julian Cox, Stephen Marshall, Martin Nakata, Ursula Rao
  • Course Coordinators
  • Program Coordinator
  • Results Processing
    John Reed, Clare Jones