Vice-President & Chief of Staff

Peter Noble<br/>Vice-President & Chief of Staff

Peter Noble is the Vice-President and Chief of Staff to the President of UNSW Sydney. In his capacity as Vice-President, Peter is a member of the University Management Board, and the Executive Team. Peter is also Chair of the 2025 Strategy’s Planning and Assurance Board. Peter leads UNSW Planning and Performance, Human Resources, Legal & Compliance, Governance, Risk Management, and the University Program Office, by providing strategic direction and operational guidance which support the objectives of the University. As the Chief of Staff, he supervises the operation of the President’s office, overseeing the development of the President’s strategy and advising on associated issues.

Prior to joining UNSW, Peter gained substantial experience in both management and change leadership in the education and health sectors in the United Kingdom and Africa.

Trained as a radiographer, Peter moved into managerial positions within the NHS including Director of Contracting at Leeds Hospital, Regional Director of Health Strategy at Yorkshire Region, Hospital Director at Whipps Cross Hospital in London, in addition to leading a major NHS joint strategic change program across North East London.

Peter moved into education management with postings at Leeds University as a General Manager and Director of Health, before a stint running the Medical Research Council unit in The Gambia, Africa.

Before coming to UNSW, Peter was recruited to run the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, an operation involving 40,000 staff with a turnover of $2.6 billion.

Peter holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Leeds University.

Contact details

tel: +61 2 9385 9131

Executive Assistant to the Vice-President & Chief of Staff
Kylie Brenton
tel: +61 2 9385 9131

Operations Manager to the Vice-President & Chief of Staff
Rebecca Mann
tel: +61 2 9385 1670

Vice-President & Chief of Staff Responsibilities

View the Chief of Staff Divisional Structure

UNSW Planning & Performance
Director – Ms Barbara Chmielewski

UNSW Planning & Performance creates, implements and manages business intelligence, reporting and data governance. UNSW Planning & Performance ensures that the standards, practices and processes around these areas align with the goals of the University.  It allows for effective planning and information management by collecting and analysing data around its people (staff, students, stakeholders) and business units (faculties, administration).  UNSW Planning & Performance is a key resource to the senior management of the University, providing data, management information and analysis to support University decision-making.

Human Resources (HR)
Vice-President – Mr David Ward

The HR unit provides strategic and operational support to meet the University’s needs in the full breadth of HR activities including recruitment, performance management, leadership and development, employee relations and workplace diversity.  Key HR staff are embedded in Faculties and this provides a strong link between the strategies and direction of the University and work being done at the local level.

Legal and Compliance
General Counsel – Ms Elizabeth Grinston

The Legal Office provides advice to the University and its controlled entities on all legal matters affecting the University.  The Office oversees Legal, Compliance, Governance Support, and Records & Archives.

Director – Mr James Fitzgibbon

The Governance portfolio covers management of board and committee meetings, management of the policy framework, management of the register of delegations, responsibility for the conduct of elections, and responsibility for Records and Archives. 

Risk Management
Director – Mr Grant Cura

The Risk Management Team is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and reporting university wide risks to both the Management Board and University Council. Risk Management provides independent advice to risk owners on effective risk management, whilst also playing a lead role in the event that Business Continuity is invoked.

Responsible for monitoring pan university risks and Business Continuity Planning.

University Program Office - 2025 Strategy
Director of the University Program Office (UPO) – Mr Russell Nelms

The UPO provides support, assurance, performance monitoring, and risk management for all major projects across UNSW.