Deputy President, Academic Board

Deputy President of the Academic Board

Professor Mary-Louise McLaws

Deputy President of the Academic Board

Professor Mary-Louise McLaws is Deputy President of the Academic Board, UNSW, following her Professorial membership of the Academic Board during 2012-2016 when she was a member of the University Higher Degree Research Committee. She has represented the Academic Board since 2012 on selection committees for Professorial Appointments and is a member of the University Professorial Promotions Committee.

Mary-Louise is Professor of Epidemiology, Healthcare Infection and Infectious Diseases Control in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW Medicine. She has been Director of the Research Degree Programs, the Graduate Health Services Management Hong Kong Programs and the Public Health Program. She is currently the Water-Health Lead for the UNSW Global Institute for Water.

Her patient safety research includes the first Australian study of healthcare associated infections (HAIs), the first automated pilot HAI surveillance system in public hospitals on behalf of the New South Wales Ministry of Health and the first automated hand hygiene surveillance system. Her long collaboration with the Clinical Excellence Commission includes state-wide patient safety programs that have been successfully adopted nationally, including reducing central line bloodstream infections in intensive care units and early detection and treatment of sepsis in emergency departments.  

Mary-Louise runs an international research program in low healthcare settings in Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey and Vietnam. She has reviewed pandemic outbreaks and programs nationally and internationally including the Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in Hong Kong healthcare workers, Beijing SARS outbreak, Australia’s Pandemic Influenza Infection Control Guidelines and was an advisor to the European Commission funding of Clinical Management of Patients in Severe EpidemicsFor more than a decade she has worked closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) as WHO Advisor to China and Malaysia and then on many WHO committees and advisory groups. She is currently a member of the Technical Steering Committee of the WHO Infection Prevention and Control Global Unit. She is an Editorial Board member for the American Journal of Infection Control and Journal of Hospital Infection.

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