UNSW's 2025 Strategy

Our 2025 Strategy positions UNSW as a global leader in change and innovation, with an altruistic desire to transform the lives of people and communities. Its blueprint started from a belief that the grand challenges of the 21st century need a fundamentally different approach to university thinking: a more profound cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The Strategy’s ideas and initiatives are the result of wide-ranging consultation and it is underpinned by three key themes:

  • Academic Excellence

UNSW draws together diverse disciplines, teams and institutions to change the world for the better through innovative research and entrepreneurship. We empower students to realise their potential with our personalised learning experience.

  • Social Engagement

We lead the discussion on the major challenges of our time and translate our discoveries into social benefit. Our thought leadership, and equity, diversity and inclusion programs influence debate, policy and practice to create a more just society.

  • Global Impact

UNSW is dedicated to delivering an outstanding international student experience and a borderless approach to education. Our alliances, networks and partnerships across the globe provide unparalleled international opportunities for our students and academics.
To find out more and to download a copy of the UNSW 2025 Strategy, go to UNSW 2025.

Financial Inclusion Action Plan

On 19 March 2018 we released our Financial Inclusion Action Plan. The FIAP outlines tangible goals that enable us to better enhance the financial inclusion and resilience of our student body.

Download the FIAP document (pdf)