UNSW's 2025 Strategy

UNSW’s 2025 Strategy positions the university as a global leader in change and innovation, with an altruistic desire to transform the lives of people and communities.

We are now one of the leading research and teaching-intensive universities in the world, known for innovative, pioneering research and high quality education with a global impact.

Updated in 2020, the Strategy’s ideas and initiatives are the result of wide-ranging consultation underpinned by three strategic priorities:

  • Academic Excellence

Quality research driving new discovery, and excellent teaching – coupled with a well-rounded and inspiring student experience. Our programs deliver the workforce-ready graduates and upskilled workers required in our modern world.

  • Innovation and Engagement

Enterprise, partnership and the exchange of knowledge between universities and the broader community creating new opportunities for job creation.

  • Social Impact

Improving the quality of life for people, in Australia and around the world, through partnerships, thought leadership and engagement with decision makers, sustainable development and a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

For more information, and to download a copy of the UNSW 2025 Strategy, go to UNSW 2025.