Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

UNSW Sydney is committed to achieving full and effective participation and inclusion in the UNSW community and equality of access for students and staff of all backgrounds. UNSW wishes to promote diversity and opportunity across the University at all its campuses. The students and staff who will benefit from this Action Plan will in turn enrich the wider UNSW community with their insights, depth of capability and diverse intellectual resources.


The vision for UNSW articulated in the 2025 Strategy includes the ambition that the University will be ‘recognised as an international exemplar in equity, diversity and inclusion’.

One of the five initiatives identified by the 2025 Strategy to this end is the enhancement of the existing Disability Action Plan ‘with a focus on making the learning and teaching experience welcoming and inclusive, and the University’s built and digital environment accessible to all staff and students with disability’.

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