About the DIAP Project

What is inclusion?

People with disability face multiple barriers to meaningful participation in the community. Over the past decade the focus of a number of definitions has shifted to the social model of disability. The social model of disability embraces the interplay of social determinants, the environment, social context, and societal attitudes on the experience of living with a disability. Accordingly, this model seeks to ‘change society in order to accommodate people living with impairment’, rather than trying to change people with impairments to accommodate society. (UNSW DIAP p7)

The National Disability Strategy has changed the way the Australian Government views disability, shifting to a holistic approach to providing people with disability the opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of society. The strategy has an inclusive agenda, and outlines the core principles of inclusion:

  • Involvement of people with disability
  • Community engagement
  • Universal design approach
  • Life course approach
  • Person-centred
  • Independent living
  • Interconnectivity

UNSW wishes to promote diversity, inclusion and opportunity across the University and all its campuses. ‘The students and staff who will benefit from this Action Plan will in turn enrich the wider UNSW community with their insights, depth of capability and diverse intellectual resources' (UNSW DIAP p2).

What is the DIAP?

This Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2018-2020 (DIAP) applies to University policy, practice and delivery of services. The DIAP provides a framework to provide equal access across UNSW with a focus on making the learning and teaching experience welcoming and inclusive, and the University’s built and digital environment accessible to all staff and students with disability.

The DIAP identifies six priority areas of focus for 2018 - 2020:

  • Policy and Planning
  • Learning and Teaching Environment
  • World-class Digital Environment
  • World-class Built Environment
  • Student Life
  • Workplace Environment

Disability Inclusion Action Plan


UNSW aims to be recognised as an international exemplar in equity, diversity and inclusion and is committed to achieving full and effective participation and inclusion in the UNSW community and equality of access for students and staff of all backgrounds.

The recently launched Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) is an initiative of UNSW’s newly established Division of Inclusion and Diversity. The implementation of the DIAP aims to ensure UNSW staff and students can achieve to their highest potential.

UNSW have engaged funktion and Today to support UNSW in ensuring a human centred focus to the implementation and prioritisation of the DIAP. This will be achieved through deep consultation with stakeholders, staff and students across the university.




The result of this project will be a two year roadmap of strategic recommendations for implementation of the DIAP, underpinned by a solid business case and prioritisation framework.

View the DIAP Program at a Glance here.

View the word document Program at a Glance here.