Overview - Equity, diversity and inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion: integral to UNSW’s future success

“UNSW will be recognised as an international exemplar in equity, diversity and inclusion. Our success will have been built upon embracing the diversity and cultural richness of our communities and ensuring that our staff and students can achieve their full potential regardless of background.”
UNSW 2025 Vision

Since its establishment in 1949, UNSW has been committed to excellence in teaching and research and providing equality of opportunity.  As a leader of innovation and social advancement through research, the University aims to have a positive impact in improving the lives of our students and employees, people in Australia and around the world. UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs says improving diversity outcomes is an important part of UNSW’s 2025 Strategy. “We understand how important equity, diversity and inclusion is to the ongoing success of the University and to our contribution to society. That is why it has such a high priority in the Strategy and why we have established an Equity and Inclusion Board as well as appointing Diversity Champions to lead and inspire staff and students.”

A commitment to diversity and inclusion
From the Vice-Chancellor down, diversity and inclusion is considered essential to UNSW’s continued success. UNSW values diversity of thought and experience and believes that an inclusive and collaborative culture underpins research and teaching excellence. UNSW aspires for our workforce and student population to reflect the demographics of our society. We celebrate and promote diversity as a key strength of our organisation.

Accepted for who you are
UNSW understands that everyone is different, and we value the perspectives and life experiences that all of our employees bring to the workplace. Our desire is for all employees and students to reach their full potential and to feel they can be themselves regardless of their gender, disability, cultural background, sexual orientation or gender identity. Our aim is by having Diversity Champions, network and advisory groups and diversity training, we create an environment where people feel supported to have the learning experience or can build the career they truly want.