Overview - Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Building on research undertaken by the National Union of Students (NUS) in 2011, UNSW’s AHRCentre worked with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and Universities Australia (UA) to design the first ever National Student Survey on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault.

The survey, which was implemented by the AHRC and Roy Morgan, launched in August 2016 and was rolled out across all 39 Australian universities between September and December 2016. The resulting report, launched in August 2017, provides a national picture of the nature and prevalence of sexual misconduct at universities, and details experiences of misconduct and university responses. The full report is available from the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In addition to the national results, the AHRC released individual institutional results (see the Methodology for the individual reports), including data specific to UNSW. Download the UNSW AHRC results.

The results from the AHRC report are confronting and stress that all universities, including UNSW, need to build on their efforts to prevent sexual misconduct and to develop supportive and respectful strategies to deal with it when it does occur. To read more about what UNSW is doing to prevent sexual harassment and assault on campus, to report an incident or to seek support visit the Sexual Assault Harassment & Misconduct webpage.