About Your Call

What is Your Call?

Your Call provides UNSW staff with a confidential and independent process for reporting wrongdoing. Your Call provides 24/7 online reporting and a telephone hotline for staff to report, anonymously if preferred, wrongdoing at any level of the University. Your Call can also securely receive evidence/supporting documents and will facilitate ongoing communication between staff and the University.

Is Your Call really an independent reporting pathway?

Yes. Your Call is an independent business specialising in providing 24/7 whistleblowing solutions to a range of organisations. Although engaged by the University, Your Call will operate in your interest by securely receiving confidential information, objectively reporting to the University and ensuring the correct processes are followed.

If I feel it appropriate to do so, how do I stay truly anonymous throughout the process?

When making an online or telephone report, you will be provided with a Disclosure Identification Number (DIN) and prompted to create a unique password. The DIN will allow you access to communicate with Your Call or log into your Message Board portal.

You may disclose your identity or remain anonymous. UNSW’s Report Wrongdoing Policy sets out further information around anonymous reporting, relevant legislation and internal protections.

What will happen to my disclosure once I report to Your Call?

As set described in section 3 of the UNSW Report Wrongdoing Procedureonce a disclosure has been received, Your Call will review the information before notifying the UNSW Disclosures Manager.

If you have nominated a certain disclosure recipient at UNSW as being involved in the disclosure, Your Call will make a note of this for the UNSW Disclosures Manager.

If further information or evidence is required from you, Your Call will request these items via the Message Board before notifying the UNSW Disclosures Manager.

Once the University has been notified by Your Call of the report it will manage the disclosure in accordance with section 3 of the UNSW Report Wrongdoing Procedure.

Can I communicate with Your Call, and the University, after I make a report?

Yes, you can do so via the Message Board available at www.yourcall.com.au/report. You are encouraged to regularly check the Message Board for status updates and any new messages from Your Call and/or the University.

The Message Board also allow you to securely submit supporting documentation and evidence.

How am I protected from victimisation after making a disclosure?

It is an offence under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1994 (NSW) and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) to take, or threaten to take, detrimental action against a staff member where a reason for the detrimental action is a belief or suspicion that a protected disclosure has been made, or may have been or could be made.

The UNSW Report Wrongdoing Policy sets out further information about internal and statutory protections for making a protected disclosure.

You may report allegations of victimisation or detrimental action to the Director, UNSW Conduct and Integrity at SpeakUp@unsw.edu.au

If you do not feel comfortable reporting internally, you may report allegations of victimisation or detrimental action directly to Your CallYour Call will act as an intermediary on the Message Board with the University to ensure communication is effective.

Make a report to Your Call

Call 1300 790 228 between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 a.m. (midnight) Monday to Friday (AEST) except public holidays; or

Lodge a report at any time online

Organisation ID: UNSW.