In March 2024 the ADA Innovation Hub opened its doors to welcome industry leaders, government representatives and community visionaries to our Unconvention in the Roundhouse.

Overhead shot of the Massive Action Sydney Unconvention exhibit spaces in the Roundhouse March 2024

Experience the Unconvention

During a morning of talks, immersive experiences and deep conversation, we invited guests to partner with us on our five MASSIVE ACTION Sydney (MAS) projects, turning them from brilliant ideas into impactful solutions. Watch our video to see highlights from the day, hear guest perspectives on the MAS movement, and discover connections made by our project teams.

We want to do things differently

We know that wicked and complex problems can’t be tackled in silos, and that we must break away from traditional methods and explore innovative solutions.

The Unconvention was our approach to connect with a wide and diverse audience to explore potential pathways for collaboration. It was not just an event; it was an invitation to meet, mix and join our mission to collectively create the massive action needed for positive change.

What next?

Our interdisciplinary diversity is our greatest strength and we’re actively seeking a range of partners who share our optimism and commitment to making a difference. Whether you represent an organisation, are an individual, or consider yourself a fellow change-maker, we invite you to join forces with us.

Together, let’s take our projects to the next step.

What is the MAS movement?

MASSIVE ACTION Sydney (MAS) is part of a global multidisciplinary movement led by international thought leader and designer Bruce Mau and his Massive Change Network®.

The MAS movement contains five creative projects designed to explore, reimagine and redesign solutions to critical challenges of our time - the climate crisis, the mental health crisis, and issues around equity and inclusion. Using innovative approaches of collaboration, MAS draws on our collective power to design a better future.

Our supporters

Achievements unlocked: 37 pledges secured, signaling a strong industry commitment

Photo highlights

MASSIVE ACTION Sydney projects

(Daily) Delight~Disrupt

What if we shifted common sense to support more restorative ways of being? 

Making Good Media

What if the media empowered us to combat climate change?    

Big Trauma, Big Change

What if we radically transformed our approach to mental health?


What tools do we need to become more responsible designers and changemakers?

Caring for Country Leave

What if you changed your mindset from what you can get to what you can give?