This pilot study is investigating expert perspectives on the social factors that influence the adoption and use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and its uptake in locations with disparities of access, awareness and infrastructure. This research is being conducted to gain a better understanding of how PrEP is being implemented in Australia and understand disparities in access in different Australian jurisdictions. We are currently recruiting ‘key informants’ to take part in interviews who hold professional experience in this field, including policymakers, advocates and researchers.

  • Smith, A.K.J, Hughes, S.D., Truong, H.M, Holt, M., Newman, C.E. (2020) Troubling the non-specialist prescription of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): the views of Australian HIV experts. Health Sociology Review, 29(1): 62-75

    Holt, M., Newman, C.E., Lancaster, L, Smith, A.K., Hughes, S. and Truong, H.-H.M. (2019) HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and the ‘problems’ of reduced condom use and sexually transmitted infections in Australia: a critical analysis from an evidence-making intervention perspective. Sociology of Health and Illness, 41(8): 1535-1548.

    Newman, C.E., Hughes, S., Persson, A., Truong, H.M., Holt, M. (2019) Promoting ‘equitable access’ to PrEP in Australia: accounting for stakeholder perspectives. AIDS & Behavior, 23(7), 1846-1857. [free view:]

    Beyond PrEParing: equitable access, problematising evidence, and mainstreaming the implementation of PrEP in Australia

    Christy Newman, Martin Holt and Anthony K J Smith 
    4 December 2019
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  • UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture 

  • Hong-Ha Truong, Shana Hughes (Center for AIDS Prevention Studies)