Research strengths

Approaching research through creative thinking, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

ADA School of Built Environment students assembling models out of wood and 3D printed materials

Ranked in the top 2% globally

Citations of UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture researchers have ranked highly in the latest release from the Meta-Research Innovation Centre at Stanford University. The October 2021 release ranked:

  • 8 ADA researchers in the top 100,000 scientists globally for career-long impact
  • 21 ADA researchers in the top 2% globally in their primary field of research
  • 3 ADA researchers top 10 in the world in their primary field of research
  • 4 ADA researchers 1st in Australia in their primary field of research

UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture takes pride in our rich and diverse range of research strengths, evidenced in the work of our staff and students.

Our high-impact research contributes to improving diverse areas of our society nationally and internationally. Through the Gonski Institute we contribute to research on issues of inequity in education. We shape the future of our cities through urban planning, housing and wellbeing. We are developing an AI visualisation platform that depicts unpredictable wildfire scenarios. We inform policy and practice on health-related issues. Our research addresses social inequality, drug policy, care and disability. 


These are only some examples. Learn more by visiting our centre and school pages.


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