3D Visualisation Aesthetics Laboratory is an award-winning multi-disciplinary research lab that specialises in 3D computer graphics. Our research explores the application of creative practice, technical innovation and immersive platforms to new data visualisation challenges. Areas of research include virtual world design, scientific discovery, education and engagement, biomedical communication and clinical interaction.


Best VizSim Project, Nominee, Unity Awards, Los Angeles 2016

Journey to the Centre of the Cell project recreates a breast cancer cell using the Unity gaming software and was nominated in the Best VizSim Project category for visualisations that have real-world applications and for the overall Golden Cube award as part of the International 2016 Unity awards held in Los Angeles.

Innovation & Excellence Award, Leading Reputation, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, 2016

A fantastic voyage – travel inside your brain and visualise your own stroke

Acknowledging the achievements in clinical health engagement, the team’s collaborative project with St Vincent’s hospital allows patients to explore personalised vascular scans to aid in disease comprehension and rehabilitation following stroke.

2017 Most Significant Publication

The team’s research paper investigating the impact of VR in science education was voted by CBNS Director Tom Davis as the most significant paper of 2017 at the CBNS Annual Research Workshop.