Doomsday Prepping in your Rental, Bombe Alaskas, Online Daing Sleeping with the Fan on, Online Dating, Oats and The Super Cold.

2023, Watercolour, spray paint and scree print on paper

My creative practice revolves around conversations I have with my housemates. I explore our unrefined daily interactions as a way of understanding the diverse ways that we help each other cope. Vibrant colours clash with patterns to convey the clutter and disarray of daily life, whilst our caricatured faces bring out each of our personalities. Our conversations traverse through a spectrum of subjects as we persevere through the emotional rollercoaster of living with and leaning on each other. Sometimes fuelled with anger and distress, other times accompanied with laughter on the kitchen floor, these interactions reflect the everchanging nature of our friendships.

Instagram: @hattsie.b