Artwork title: Lovely Ladies Giving Me Life Lessons (LLGMLL)

A mockumentary-style video work starring myself, where I perform the roles and responsibilities shared by the female figures of my family. In this, I unravel the complexities and strains of our relationships, so often caused by generational differences, language barriers, and the need to keep each other in check. Where does the influence end? The daughter pushing the mother, the sister tattle telling the other, the grandmother bestowing jewels to her granddaughter. Motherhood, sisterhood, girlhood. This opportunity to reflect on the importance of family intertwined with the woes of motherhood & girlhood was one that I created wholeheartedly for all the eldest daughters of Australian-Chinese families.

My name is Heidi (she/they), my identity falls under many minority labels. Chinese-Australian, bisexual, polyamorous, non-binary. I am also an eldest child, eldest daughter, sister, niece. My attempts to capture the nuances of these experiences have resulted in a multidisciplinary art practice, where I strive to intertwine mediums and immerse audiences in my works.