Develop an individual design response to your own Project Proposal that clearly demonstrates an integration of your disciplines.

The objective I assigned myself for this project was to rekindle children's connections to their senses, to positively impact their cognitive and emotional development. My response to this objective was driven by my Textiles and Object Design disciplines, as well as my experience of working in childcare. Each of these three areas of interest make reference to the senses and sensory design in some way. "Sensorise" is a children's desk for use in schools or at home. Acknowledging the inevitable presence of digital technology in children's lives, I aimed to make the digital experience more sensory and enriching.

I found this to be a very satisfying assignment as it was self-directed, allowing us to focus on our passion as design students. It also emphasised the significance of interdisciplinary practice to design innovation. Prior to completing this Studio course, I had not considered my experience in childcare to be relevant to my university work. Finding intersections between my work and design studies helped me to identify my passions and begin to develop my identity as a designer.