Major Design Project

To develop a major capstone project across two terms using applied research, investigation and reflection on the nature of contemporary design practice to inform a self-initiated project.

This work for Design Studio 5 and 6 has valuably informed my emerging practice in the field of non-human design; allowing me to critically engage in the environmental sustainability of threatened Australian wildlife.

My Major Project 'Quoll House' is a terrestrial habitat concept design created specifically for the endangered Spotted-Tailed Quoll, our second largest carnivorous marsupial in Australia. Constructed from an interlocking system of terracotta tiles, this functional shelter ultimately aims to regenerate the loss of vital Quoll habitat and provide protection from feral predators.

Pivotal to this interdisciplinary project has been my utilisation of design degree learning; integrating my skills from Object and Experience specialisations with the support of conservation research. Overall, Quoll House draws significant insight into how design can support the field of conservation. The Major Project has also established meaningful opportunities, initiating my journey towards future career pathways.