Matti and Moore Park, 'Moore Park Triptych', 2022. Botanical dyes, eucalyptus and fig tannins, dirt, saliva, La Niña rain, lichen, dew, grass clippings, algae, eucalyptus tannins, grass dye, eucalyptus bark dye, banksia dye, slug mucus, bark tannins, Moore Park charcoal on assorted papers. Approximately 76 x 200 cm installed. Image courtesy: the artist.

Artist statement

I am exploring my connection to the Australian landscape by creating space for the land to express its agency, combining its substance (e.g. tannins, charcoal) with techniques that prevent fine control of the mark-making (e.g. frottage). In reciprocation I return parts of myself and the artworks to the environment. The synergetic result binds my body to the landscape through a revealing series of drawings that are by, of, and about us both.

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