Rachael Hegh, ‘Im/Material’, 2022, installation, virtual reality drawing experience with headset. Graphite, rice paper, pencil, oil pastel, yupo paper, ink, gesso, sculptors wire, oil stick, drafting film, copper, waxed cotton, glassine paper, gum branch, 640sm watercolour, carbon paper, builders wire, angler braid, cotton cord, posca pen, silk, collaged drawings. 1.5m x 1.5m. Image courtesy: the artist. 

Artist statement

'Im/Material' is a 2-part immersive drawing installation that explores affective encounters at the borderline of a physical (material) and virtual (immaterial) experience. It was created through a daily drawing practice where the physical and virtual materialities informed the other. This work was realised using a variety of drawing medias, papers, TiltBrush, and found materials. Informed by affect theory, Im/Material explores the affective art encounter and its relationship to how we sense and perceive the world/s.   

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