Alyssa Valacas, ‘Its me! but where have i been …?’ 2023. Watercolour, acrylic ink, image transfer, collage, coloured pencil on watercolour paper. Approx 168cm x 237cm. Image courtesy: the artist.

Artist statement

Its me! but where have i been …?  is a large scale diptych depicting the distortion of valuable, formative memories from my growing years. This work was created over the course of roughly 4  weeks, and utilises many erratic, overlapping elements to portray the warping of memory.

The artwork explores the formation of one’s current mind and state by depicting the amalgamation of memories and experiences that have been integral to its development. Additionally, the patchwork form of these images allows the notion of memories fading and overlapping over time to be better visually explored. 

Instagram: @f.ieldmous.e