Ilana Lapid, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ (2023). Mixed media (soft pastels, willow, compressed and white charcoal, water colour, white and black ink, ink pen, Prisma colour pencils, salt, tissue paper, personal archival photos, found objects (train tickets, gum packet, expired driver’s license), highlighter, acetone image transfer, TIME magazine image transfers using gloss and matte medium and gesso, Psychology of Education book cut outs and image transfers, Canson tan paper, lilac coloured weave paper, cardstock black and white paper, cartridge paper, water colour paper, and fixative spray). 5 x 29.7cm x 42cm. Image courtesy: the artist.

Artist statement

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is a five-piece mixed media drawing series exploring the hyper saturation and stimulation of modern society. It was created with a variety of media and visual languages, (each media and aesthetic with its own loaded history), which echoes the hyper saturation of daily life. Through this, the artwork proposes and presents collision as a source of playful potential, surprise, and wonder.

Instagram: @lapidilana