Kelly Yangnouvong, “A Forgotten Pandora '', 2023. Mixed media painting with acrylic, gouache,  graphite pencil and photo transfer of digitally collaged images with various sizes of 100 cm x  56.5cm, 74.5cm x 56.5cm, 57.3cm x 36.5 cm, 54cm x 26cm , 61.5cm 26.8cm, 72.2cm x 49cm,  55.9cm x 41cm. ( 223.5cm x 114cm) on Rives Arches Paper and Canson CA Grain 224 gsm.  Image courtesy: the artist. 

Artist statement

Distinguishing between illusion and reality, my practice discusses the impermanence of  childhood memories. Particularly investigating the significance of personal objects,  A Forgotten  Pandora presents nostalgic experiences related to an Asian/Australian Identity.  Characterized  by digital corruption, this projects the shifting dynamics of emotion.