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Project name

School Leadership Research Network

Project overview

The School Leadership Research Network (SLRN) was established in 2022 by researchers from Australia and the UK. With the support of school communities and educational organisations, the network can apply a practice, theory, and research-driven process to develop and test new tools aimed at improving the attraction, recruitment, and professional learning of aspiring, emerging, and current school leaders. 

Project aims

SLRN is partnering with educational leaders and stakeholders to build new approaches to recruit and support educational leaders in Australia and the UK, with a particular focus on regional, rural, and remote communities. Our flagship project is building on the research of network members through the innovative UK-led Teacher Selection Project and the findings of the Australia-led High Impact School Leadership report. 

Beginning with four key attributes of high impact leadership in regional, rural, and remote school settings in Australia — identified as innovation, collective responsibility, teaching and learning focus, and community commitment— we aim to:

  1. Develop and test new tools to support the attraction and recruitment of school leaders.
  2. Build and test new tools to support the professional learning of emerging school leaders.

Who is involved

  • Research project leads:

    • UNSW: Tracy Durksen

    • University of York (UK) Robert Klassen

    Research team

    • UNSW: Scott Eacott, Tony Loughland, Jade Rushby 

    • University of York: Liz Maxwell 

    • University of Manchester: Amanda Heffernan 

    • Curtin University: Brad Gobby

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Project Milestones

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