Teaching parents how to support & enable their gifted child 

The UNSW GERRIC parent courses now available as recordings and are based on latest research evidence. We address the concerns and challenges for parents wanting to be better informed on the educational needs of their gifted children. 

The courses help parents gain a deeper understanding of their gifted children’s needs, give useful insights into offering optimal support for their gifted children and provide opportunities for interaction and engagement with other parents of gifted children. 

Led by academics who are experts in the field of gifted education, UNSW GERRIC courses offer a rare opportunity to learn how to better support their gifted child.  

GERRIC Parent Courses cover topics such as: 

  • Who are gifted students
  • Identification of gifted children in schools
  • Academic social and emotional needs
  • Challenges faced by gifted children: perfectionism and underachievement
  • School choice
  • Being a positive advocate for your gifted child at school 
  • Gifted with disability
  • Career decisions
  • Homeschooling

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Courses for parents

Our courses teach you how to support your gifted child. As a parent, you’ll gain a better understanding of your child’s needs at home and school. You’ll also connect with other parents of gifted children and learn from experts in the field of gifted education.