Media arts

Art and Design Honour student mixed media performance art piece with camera and large screen

Explore your vision through media arts technolgies 

Work with creative media and new technologies in media arts to develop your artistic vision. In a world of rapidly changing creative technologies, studies in media arts enable you to explore current and future potentials of creative media production. 

When you study media arts with UNSW’s School of Art & Design, you’ll join a creative community with an unmatched record for producing critically acclaimed artists and designers at one of the world’s top 50 universities*. 

Our students learn in studio-based environments and complete practical, creative projects. Theoretical studies and electives complement these real-world skills to develop innovation, critical thinking and contextual awareness.

*QS World University Rankings 2021

Studio specialisations

You’ll be able to study at least two of the following five specialisations.


In the animation studio, you’ll develop skills and knowledge in contemporary animation practice. By exploring a range of traditional and 3D animation processes, techniques and concepts, you’ll acquire skills and understandings applicable in a wide variety of media arts practices.

Visual effects

In the visual effects studio, you’ll explore the contemporary potentials of compositing. Combine live action and CG elements to create engaging composites and sequences, exploring new possibilities for media arts practice in a critically-engaged studio context.


In the sound studio, you’ll create media artworks using sound-based techniques and processes. Working in studio and acoustic environments, you’ll develop skills and knowledge to help you create sound-based media art projects for the gallery, as well as virtual and public spaces.

Moving image

In the moving image studio, you’ll explore contemporary approaches to video art, short film, audio-visual composition and installation. You'll develop understandings and skills in a variety of creative contexts for moving image practice, including gallery, screen, virtual and public spaces.

3D visualisation

In the 3D visualisation studio, you’ll delve into the computer-generated world and explore a variety of methods used to generate virtual environments. Through live, hands-on experiences, you’ll use key technologies such as virtual reality systems to develop a suite of design practices and skills that will enable you to contribute to a growing digital industry.

Prepare for a career in media arts 

Our graduates are highly sought-after in the digital media, communications, film and entertainment industries both nationally and internationally. UNSW’s Bachelor of Media Arts undergraduate degree prepares you to be a dynamic and successful creative media practitioner. 

Find yourself working in areas, including:

  • animation and creative production
  • digital publishing and communications
  • 3D visualisation and virtual reality
  • art direction and advertising
  • film, television and moving image production
  • visual effects, compositing and post-production
  • interactive art and immersive environments
  • game development and production
  • media industry strategy and planning
  • production management and development
  • sound design, composition and production
  • entrepreneurship, innovation and media start-ups. 

Learn from industry leaders

This innovative program is aligned with industry and provides strong foundations in contemporary creative media production, including animation, visual effects, moving image, sound, 3D visualisation and emerging media technologies. 

Learn from accomplished, industry-active media artists, producers and theorists who have connections with Australia’s leading research labs in creative robotics, interactive and immersive cinema, and 3D visualisation.  

Enrol in the Bachelor of Media Arts and discover a groundbreaking degree that meets industry demand for multi-skilled creative artists who have in-depth knowledge of contemporary creative media.

Study with us 

  • The Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours) is a one-year advanced undergraduate degree for high-achieving students who have completed an undergraduate degree in media arts (or similar area) and wish to extend their critical thinking and creative skills. The degree advances knowledge through developing a significant practical research project.

  • You can develop further expertise in the media arts through a Master of Fine Arts. You’ll undertake supervised research and investigation into an approved area of fine arts, media arts, design or curatorial practice through a substantial body of creative practice and a 15,000-20,000 word dissertation. 

    Practice-led research at UNSW’s School of Art & Design includes the following:

    • experimental arts
    • emerging technologies
    • creative robotics
    • digital imaging
    • interactive and immersive media
    • sound
    • painting
    • printmaking
    • performance
    • animation
    • photography
    • drawing (from analogue to 3D VR)
    • sculpture
    • installation
    • video
    • moving image
    • object and product design
    • speculative critical design
    • experience design
    • curatorial practice
    • augmented virtual reality
    • graphic design
    • data visualisation.

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    Postgraduate research through a PhD or Master of Philosophy (MPhil) will deepen your expertise and help you develop the broad intellectual sophistication, research and professional skills that are prized by employers. You’ll have access to first-rate facilities and world-class supervisors at the forefront of their fields in fine arts. 

    Explore postgraduate research

  • Establish your niche with skills and knowledge that complement or further develop your experience with media arts: