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UNSW Business School is hiring education focussed academics to redesign our program offerings through the application of innovative teaching design principles and contemporary teaching philosophies.

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UNSW Business School is experiencing an exciting period of opportunity and growth, with record student enrolments, high satisfaction ratings, and a global reputation for research quality and industry collaboration. I am delighted to announce that we are adding up to 50 new academic roles in the Business School during 2022. Over half of these will be for specialised education focussed academics, who will help us continue to build a transformational learning environment where students are highly engaged, where societal impact is at the forefront, and where career opportunities are created.

Professor Chris Styles, Dean UNSW Business School

UNSW Business School Future-Focussed Education Initiative 

To help strengthen our position as Australia’s leading business school, we are looking forward to welcoming 22 world-class educators over the next six months who have been identified as having expertise and leadership potential in several contemporary disciplines. Their task will be to help transform our curriculum, creating inclusive learning communities to equip students to make a difference and contribute to a more progressive society.

These 22 Education Focussed positions will result in a doubling in the number of education focussed academics in the Business School. These staff will develop educational improvements across several specialisations, challenge and encourage others to deliver outstanding teaching experiences and pursue initiatives to transform the educational opportunities for our students.

To achieve these ambitions, we are transforming the way we design and deliver immersive education to our students across the faculty, from undergraduate through to postgraduate and MBA programs. 

Courses and programs are being redesigned to focus on knowledge activation, interpretation and integration– not only knowledge transfer. Course content is being refreshed with more focus on future-oriented topics including how technology disruption, data-based decision making, cybersecurity and AI are transforming business operations, regulations, and the market. 

Immersive learning enables students to apply knowledge developed in their programs to real-world business problems. Combining experiential learning, deep reflection, leading industry practice and research will provide our students with both practical business acumen and innovative and creative thinking. 

The UNSW Business School faculty already includes thought leaders from academia and industry who are sought-after experts in their profession. They’ve contributed to developing management best practices around the globe and encourage our students to apply what they learn through simulations and case studies. Many of our faculty have received international research and teaching awards, and several have been identified in international surveys as the leading figures in their fields. With our focus on active research and adaptive leadership skills, students get a real-world perspective on business: continuously learning and mirroring the future of work.  

An educational highlight is that the redesigned Bachelor of Commerce program includes three new, integrated first-year courses that embed ethics, corporate responsibility, and sustainability. 

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UNSW Business School is seeking world-class educators with expertise and leadership potential in several business disciplines to transform our curriculum and create an inclusive student learning environment. 

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Are you interested in playing a significant role in creating the next generation of business leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs? Do you have technical expertise, leadership capability and/or have experience teaching contemporary subjects?  

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UNSW Business School is embarking on an innovative industry-first to transform its curriculum to meet the evolving demands of future students and industry.

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As one of Australia’s leading business schools, we are constantly challenging ourselves to look to the future. To make a positive difference by equipping our graduates and stakeholders to find better ways to create responsible, sustainable, economic and social values. 

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Building on our success: Recruiting Now! Education Focussed staff for the School of Banking and Finance

Within the Faculty, School of Banking & Finance is one of the top finance schools in the Asia-Pacific. We have over 40 finance, market and banking specialists as faculty members and consistently rank within the top 50 business schools worldwide.

UNSW School of Banking and Finance offers a diverse range of over 70 courses in the fields of Finance, including Banking, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, International Finance, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Insurance, and Financial Technology. As the largest Finance school in Australia, teaching over 10,000 students per annum, we cultivate an enthusiastic and exciting research and teaching culture and maintain close ties with industry, both in Australia and internationally.

We are currently recruiting for Education Focussed Lecturers & Senior Lecturers who want to help transform the way our students learn about how Banking and Financial systems shape our society, address societal challenges, and help equip students for an exciting career in their chosen field of study. We are looking for engaged, innovative academics and practitioners who would be excited to undertake dynamic, progressive reviews and development of the courses we offer while also teaching students both on campus and through online learning systems.

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If you want to play a significant role in creating the next generation of business leaders, change-makers and entrepreneurs, please apply.

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused a rapid disruption to how we teach, assess, and the way our students learn. Because of this, at the UNSW Business School, we see an enormous opportunity to transform the student experience. Boosting our educators will accelerate our award-winning teaching innovations, enable new technology platforms, and create unique opportunities for collaborative learning to solve business problems. The educational future at UNSW combines digitally savviness with an engaging, sustainable, and inclusive student experience. We are delighted to welcome 22 education focussed academics to the Business School to join our current outstanding educators. I am excited to be part of a new era of growth in the Business School. We practice what we teach; our digital transformation mirrors Business. At UNSW our future is bright.

Professor Leisa Sargent, Senior Deputy Dean (Academic), UNSW Business School


  • The Education Initiative is an exciting multi-year project with the over-arching goal of transforming the student experience through investments in teaching and learning, which will impact the classroom and business.

    We are phasing in a new, more engaging learning architecture that will be synonymous with how we teach at UNSW Business School. Our new appointments will be adding to the innovations in teaching practices that our exceptional existing Education Focussed academics have already achieved. 

    We are excited by the prospect of appointing passionate Banking and Finance educators who can help contribute to the success of their School and the Education Initiative. 

  • Applications will open soon.

  • We are hoping to celebrate diversity in these appointments so there is no ideal applicant. You may be an academic already working at a top tier university, or someone with a non-academic, more professional focused background who is looking to share their skills and knowledge about Banking & Finance with students while also building an educational career at Australia’s leading Business School.

    We encourage people who hold Learning and Development roles in large financial organisations, education roles in the VET or high school sector, or consultants in professional services firms to apply. We are excited by the prospect of having new recruits who will bring their industry insight and professional experience to the role and use a range of educational technologies to deliver superior online, blended and on-campus experiences for our students. You will need to hold a minimum of a postgraduate masters degree, in a Business discipline, or an equivalent qualification and have a deep commitment to transforming the educational experience for our students.

  • Find out more about the steps in our application process here

  • All employees working in Australia must either be permanent residents or have a valid working visa. The University may sponsor an applicant for a visa at its absolute discretion.

  • UNSW is unlike any other place you've worked before. Yes, we are a huge organisation with a varied and exceptional workforce; a workforce that is achieving life changing results. We are all motivated to be intelligent, sensible, and meaningful in whatever we do. Our work is meaningful because of our vision. It's why we're Australia's most impactful institution and one of the country's top 20 employers. You've come to the perfect place if you're looking for a role where you can grow, be challenged, and accomplish meaningful work.

  • To achieve excellence, we always need to strive to do better. We have learned a lot from teaching through the pandemic and from student feedback over the past two years. We had a lot to celebrate in regard to our teaching innovations and success. This was reflected in high student teaching? Satisfaction scores. However, we also understand the world we live is dynamic and ever-changing. As a result, students are looking for educational experiences that provide greater engagement with each other, more direct industry links, and exposure to learning eco-systems that are problem-based, collaborative, inclusive and flexible.

    As a result, we see technology enabled learning as part of our educational DNA at UNSW Business School.  We see teaching technology innovations and new methods of transmitting understanding crucial for facilitating a truly transformative student learning experience. We are looking for educators who can help shape that future. 

  • Persa Tzakis
    Talent Acquisition Consultant

  • Click here to review the Position Descriptions for the Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor academic roles available.  

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    Or if you have a specific question, please contact the Business School Education Focussed team on

We are determined to improve student experience – which is already strong on most measures, but which students continue to see as important for both their education and for their future career. I am most excited by the innovations which were made out of necessity during the pandemic, but which will now be made possible by the appointment of a large group of new staff with skills in many areas. We need to continue to remake and redesign much of our offerings to meet future student needs, and we look forward to welcoming teaching-focussed academics with a passion to do just that over the next few years.

Professor Mark Uncles, Deputy Dean (Education & Student Experience), UNSW Business School

About UNSW Business School

UNSW Business School’s mission is to make a difference by equipping our graduates, alumni, and stakeholders to find better ways to create sustainable economic and social value. We are dedicated to being leaders in inclusive and responsible business practices. We will do this through innovative research and transformative learning experiences in collaboration with our business, government, university, and community partners in Australia and globally.

Our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform and thrive in the global workplace and are encouraged to pursue lifelong learning to be productive, responsible, and active leaders into the future. We are redesigning our learning experience, including the formal curriculum, to develop engaging, immersive and inclusive learning communities.

We are committed to shaping how the Business School, and our industry and alumni networks create sustainable social and economic value by developing innovative theories, insights, and frameworks. We also bring researchers and educators from different disciplinary backgrounds together with industry, institutions, and communities to partner in solving important societal and business challenges such as the transition to net zero emissions and gender equity.

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Talent Acquisition Consultant

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