Angel Investors Program

Develop the key knowledge and skills to start Angel Investing

Angel investing has become an integral part of the Australian funding ecosystem and is a significant source of economic development and job growth. In fact, despite the effects of the global pandemic, a record US$944.7 million of capital has been invested into Australian startups in 2020.

Australia is now one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems globally, which presents many amazing opportunities for early investors who possess the knowledge to find, evaluate and close deals. Today, 52 companies founded by Australians since 2011 are worth more than $100 million. Six are worth more than $1 billion (Airwallex, Canva, Safety Culture, Zoox, Culture Amp and 10X Genomics) and 14 in excess of $500 million. These companies alone represent a combined enterprise value of more than $30 billion and the creation of 10,000 new jobs. These new jobs will help stimulate Australia’s recovery from the global pandemic.

Key Outcomes

  • The start-up ecosystem and emerging trends
  • The funding landscape
  • Role of Angel Investors – Explore the various types and where they fit
  • Understanding your motivation and risk tolerance
  • What does success look like?
  • Portfolio construction
  • Returns and risks
  • Tax incentives
  • Where to source opportunities
  • Personal investment thesis and impact
  • Sustainability and diversity
  • How to talk to start ups 
  • Introduction to investment deal terms on a term sheet
  • A balanced approach to negotiating deal terms
  • Security types used in Angel Investments 
  • Deal economics, management & control, protection, exits & liquidity
  • Valuations: Why valuation matters, methodologies, valuation realities, negotiating valuations
  • Introduction to establishing a fair valuation for a start-up company
  • Cap Table, projecting cap tables forward, ways companies exit and return capital to investors.
  • Thinking about later follow-on rounds
  • Some key angel-focused tax items
  • Adding value to the start-up (mentoring, coaching and being helpful)
  • Venture Capital view of Angels
  • Challenges in start-ups (e.g. founder disagreements)
  • Funding and mentor match up
  • Managing your portfolio (gaps / overlaps / themes / balance)

Program Experience

Through a blend of facilitated discussions, relevant and current case studies, experiential activities, and shared insights from Australia’s leading angel and investment experts, you will complete the program equipped with the insights, practical tools and frameworks ready for immediate use.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested in getting started with angel investing.

Key Presenters

Guest Speakers

  • Trevor Folsom
  • Chris Baxter
  • Daniel Veytsblit
  • Kylie Frazer
  • Rachael Neumann
  • Matt Allen
  • Sam Tidswell
  • Isabella Rich
  • Jennifer Harrison
  • Cheryl Mack
  • James Cameron
  • Richard Lin
  • Chris Fong
  • Peter Dunne
  • Camilla Love
  • Noga Edelstein
  • Michael Go
  • Barry Palte
  • Martin Karafilis
  • Khushal Polepalle
  • Laurence Schwartz
  • Evan Wong
  • Eric Wedepohl
  • Lauren Capelin
  • Karen Chan
  • Casey Flint
  • Kenny Wong
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Tarek Ayoub
  • Caleb Gibbins
  • Pasha Rayan
  • David Burt
  • Dina Titkova