Design Thinking & Experimentation

Create new products and services and transform your business model with human centred design

Recently business leaders over the world have had to pivot their products, services, distribution channels and business models overnight. Ambitions and strategies around digital innovation are fast-tracked. Innovation is no longer a ‘nice to have’ concept, it is a requirement to survive and thrive. Design Thinking is a customer-centric, creative and experimentation driven approach (and mindset) to innovation and transformation, for surviving and thriving in a world of constant disruption.

Key Outcomes

  • Align innovation, design thinking, business model design and experimentation to your organization’s success
  • Clearly define challenges to ensure they are relevant, engaging and exciting
  • Create the right environment in your organization to make design thinking and innovation a culture
  • Build empathy for your customers and understand what is important for them
  • Frame specific and meaningful opportunities based on customer needs and insights
  • Apply creative thinking to generate and lead new solutions
  • Identify the winners and harvest potential ideas
  • Prototyping to think and learn fast and test prototypes with customers
  • Use Business Model Canvas to develop value propositions and to identify, test and reduce risk
  • Develop structured approach and skills to build and run experiments
  • Make decisions and operate efficiently in chaos with insufficient data

Program Experience

The Lab is a 3-day human-centred and experimentation-based innovation training workshop. The Lab introduces participants to the latest design thinking, experimentation and innovation skills, tools and behaviours, and helps them integrate them into their daily way of working. We achieve this through ‘learning by doing’ applied to an engaging real-world challenge. Participants will work in small teams consisting of peers from across the program.

Before the course, you will be onboarded into our online learning platform AGSM Navigator, which brings together interactive, virtual learning with evidence based in-person experiences. The Navigator will enable you to access your pre-course preparation materials, set your learning goals, complete mandatory online learning components, connect with our faculty, and submit final reflections.

Who Should Attend?

Mid to senior leaders across all industries who are looking to build and embed advanced design thinking and innovation capabilities into their business models.


Key Presenters