Developing the Strategic Manager

Develop a strategic mindset to turn vision into action

As a manager today, you are leading through a time of unprecedented disruption, and to navigate it successfully, you need to adopt a strategic mindset. This course will help you become a more strategic manager, turning vision into action and increasing your impact on team culture and organisational strategy.

Key Outcomes

  • Shift your focus from operational to strategic management
  • Understand and leverage the drivers of performance
  • Enhance your individual impact on organisational strategy
  • Develop an enterprise mindset
  • Evaluate and apply tools and frameworks to create and execute strategy
  • Manage the factors that enhance or inhibit implementation
  • Translate objectives into strategies, goals, actions and behaviours
  • Understand the impact of culture on implementation

Upcoming Dates

Program Experience

You will explore your Strategic IQ and learn new concepts and techniques to develop your skills as a strategic manager. You will take part in a series of activities and case studies, creating opportunities to practice and receive feedback to prepare you to apply concepts immediately in the workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Managers seeking a more strategic mindset to increase their impact and influence the team culture and business strategy. It will also prepare managers for higher level, more strategic roles as part of a career development plan.

Key Presenters