Digital Transformation Essentials

Build a foundational toolkit to lead your business unit and organisation through a successful digital transformation journey

Organisational and digital strategies must be interconnected as technology continues to redefine the way we operate and engage with our customers. This course contains the essentials of what you need to know around digital transformation, while providing a set of tools allowing you to manage and participate in a successful digital transformation program.

Key Outcomes

  • Evaluate the digital strengths and priorities of your organisation using a world class framework
  • Identify essential elements needed for a successful digital transformation in your organisation, including AI, data analytics, ecosystems, and platforms
  • Apply frameworks and toolsets for effective digital transformations in your business unit and/or through your entire organisation
  • Learn from examples and case studies shared by industry experts, and apply best practices in your digital transformation journey
  • Develop action plans to bring your business unit and organisation along the transformation journey

Program Experience

Before the course, you will be onboarded into our online learning platform AGSM Navigator, which brings together interactive, virtual learning with evidence based in-person experiences. The Navigator will enable you to access your pre-course preparation materials, set your learning goals, complete mandatory online learning components, connect with our faculty, and submit final reflections.

Further you will have a unique opportunity to complete a proprietary Digital Readiness Assessment diagnostic for your organisation. You will receive the results of this diagnostic during the course, with a comparison between your results and the aggregate of the group.

During this two-day course, you will hear from expert industry practitioners and leading academics to explore successful implementations and develop tools and techniques to apply to your own digital strategy. You will be given opportunities to test your learning through a range of interactive case studies and activities and practice new concepts before applying them in the workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Managers and leaders who wish to comprehend fundamentals of digital transformation, or with a remit to create and execute digital transformation and lead their team through the transformation process.

Key Presenters