Essentials of Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Interpret, analyse and evaluate key financials to make better business decisions

Knowing how to interpret, analyse and evaluate key financials is a critical skill at all levels of an organisation, but accounting and finance, with its own particular language, can seem like a whole different world. This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand accounting reports to make more informed business decisions and communicate with the finance team with confidence.

Master interpreting income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements to understand and speak the language of accounting and finance.

Key Outcomes

  • Interpret the content of key financial statements
  • Understand accrual accounting
  • Become more familiar with accounting terminology
  • Understand return on asset and other key ratios
  • Analyse and interpret income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Calculate and interpret key financial ratios
  • Evaluate the financial performance of your organisation or business unit
  • Prepare operating budgets for planning purposes
  • Recognise financial warning signs
  • Use accounting data to make decisions
  • Make more informed investment decisions
  • Use the balanced scorecard to manage strategic performance

Program Experience

This course is designed to be highly interactive, involving extensive group discussion, activities and case studies.

Before the course, you will be onboarded into our online learning platform AGSM Navigator, which brings together interactive, virtual learning with evidence based in-person experiences. The Navigator will enable you to access your pre-course preparation materials, set your learning goals, complete mandatory online learning components, connect with our faculty, and submit final reflections.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for managers with limited/no accounting background who want to increase their understanding of financial terminology and accounting reports.