Finance Essentials

Build an essential toolkit to interpret and use financial data

Understanding key finance and accounting concepts and language is critical for managers and professionals at every level. This practical and engaging course will help you understand the essentials of finance to interpret financial reports and make more informed business decisions.


Key Outcomes

You will take part in a series of online modules, comprised of virtual workshops, action learning and coaching to develop the skills, knowledge and tools to:

  • Understand and use financial language and common terms
  • Familiarise yourself with the basics of accrual accounting and how it works in your business
  • Read and interpret financial statements and data to determine performance
  • Use cost-volume profit analysis to improve financial performance
  • Leverage financial data to predict outcomes and future performance with greater accuracy
  • Undertake structured ratio analysis to assess performance

Program Experience

Led by an expert in financial reporting and business strategy analysis, you will take part in live virtual workshops, interspersed with action learning to build an essential finance toolkit.

Over two weeks, you will take part in approximately 14 hours of online learning and live workshops.

You will utilise The AGSM Navigator, a custom-built platform designed to work with your existing social and communication tools like Zoom.

In between the workshop sessions, you will take part in a range of supported learning experiences independently and with the group to develop and embed learning.

To maintain the interactivity and ensure participants can achieve their outcomes, each workshop is limited to 25 participants.

Virtual workshop sessions bring a real-time, social learning environment to you, where you can share challenges and experiences, learn from your peers and your expert facilitator, and build a community of practice.