Leading Digital Transformation

Develop your digital strategy and change ready culture to drive digital transformation.

The need for organisations to focus on digital transformation has never been more pressing or offered more opportunities. How you plan and execute your transformation now will play a role in the organisation's long-term success. This course brings together academic experts and industry leaders to discuss the challenges, explore the potential, and create a targeted action plan to drive your organisation's digital transformation.

Key Outcomes

  • Align your corporate and digital strategies
  • Execute a sustainable transformation
  • Evaluate opportunities for reinvention and explore new business models
  • Understand the impact of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and the internet of things on your organisation, its' business model, and the broader competitive environment
  • Communicate confidently and make more informed decisions on technology
  • Leverage technology and data assets to improve and personalise customer experience, maximise loyalty and increase share of wallet
  • Improve customer relationships and mitigate pain points
  • Lead with a growth mindset to drive continuous iterative improvement
  • Shape a digital first culture and foster innovation in your organisation's core operations

Program Experience

Through a unique combination of panel discussions, expert speakers, case studies, war gaming, scenario modelling and site visits, you will develop a targeted, detailed action plan to execute a successful digital transformation.

Who Should Attend?

Mid to senior leaders across all industries who have a remit to deliver digital transformation.