Leading with Resilience

Lead with resilience and mindfulness through challenging times

Resilience is a critical leadership skill to steer your team and organisation through challenging times, complexity, and ambiguity. As our business landscape becomes increasingly uncertain, robust, resilient leadership may prove the difference between those who cope and those who thrive. This course will help you develop the mindsets, behaviours and techniques to build and maintain your own resilience.

Key Outcomes

You will take part in a series of online modules, comprised of virtual workshops, action learning and coaching, building your ability to:

  • Lead during times of stress, complexity and ambiguity
  • Understand the connection between resilient leadership and team success
  • Identify and leverage opportunities that lie within challenging times
  • Practice mindful leadership techniques to build your resilience
  • Distinguish between and respond to different emotions in yourself and others
  • Face current and emerging challenges with a sense of purpose and direction
  • Manage your own stress and burnout

Read Program Director, Melanie Fisher’s tips for building resilience.

Program Experience

Led by leadership experts and psychologists who specialise in resilience and change, you will take part in live virtual workshops, interspersed with action learning and coaching designed to strengthen your leadership, build resilience, and help you navigate challenges.

Over two weeks, you will take part in approximately 14 hours of online learning and live workshops.

You will utilise The AGSM Navigator, a custom-built platform designed to work with your existing social and communication tools like Zoom.

In between the workshop sessions, you will take part in a range of supported learning experiences independently and with the group to develop and embed learning.

To maintain the interactivity and ensure participants can achieve their outcomes, each workshop is limited to 25 participants.

Virtual workshop sessions bring a real-time, social learning environment to you, where you can share challenges and experiences, learn from your peers and your expert facilitator, and build a community of practice.