Negotiation Essentials

Negotiate with confidence in any context

Negotiation is a critical skill for all professionals. From formal negotiation settings and sales deals to informal discussions and meetings, negotiation skills can help you achieve business results. This course will provide you with a practical toolkit to negotiate with confidence and reach the best possible outcomes in any scenario.

Key Outcomes

Over two weeks of live virtual workshops and action learning, you will build an essential negotiation toolkit that helps you drive results. You will develop the confidence, skills and tools to:

  • Prepare for a range of negotiation settings
  • Understand, evaluate and apply the right strategy for the situation
  • Present with confidence and adapt your technique to any scenario
  • Maximise value and recognise opportunities
  • Increase self-awareness to manage emotional responses and conflict
  • Recognise and respond to tactics
  • Use persuasion and influencing techniques
  • Build stronger stakeholder relationships to achieve business growth

Program Experience

Led by an expert negotiator and author, you will take part in virtual workshops, interspersed with action learning to build your confidence and tools to negotiate in both formal and informal contexts.

Over two weeks, you will take part in approximately 14 hours of online learning and live workshops.

You will utilise The AGSM Navigator, a custom-built platform designed to work with your existing social and communication tools like Zoom.

In between the workshop sessions, you will take part in a range of supported learning experiences independently and with the group to develop and embed learning.

To maintain the interactivity and ensure participants can achieve their outcomes, each workshop is limited to 25 participants.

Virtual workshop sessions bring a real-time, social learning environment to you, where you can share challenges and experiences, learn from your peers and your expert facilitator, and build a community of practice.