Shaping Strategy to Create Value

Shape the future, lead the change and build competitive advantage

In a world of constant disruption, it's not enough for leaders to simply respond to the play, they must shape it. This course challenges traditional top-down approaches to strategy to develop fresh perspectives on strategy, innovation, customer value proposition and business model reinvention and gives you the tools to lead the change, build competitive advantage and shape the future of your organisation.

Key Outcomes

  • Evaluate and utilise a range of tools, techniques and frameworks for shaping strategy
  • Strategic Breakpoints Analysis
  • The Innovation Cycle
  • Customer Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas, Lean-Start-up and Risk/Reward Matrix
  • Diagnosis and mapping of the change process
  • Going live: executing strategy
  • Leading the change back in your organisation
  • Optimising strategic choices
  • Enhancing judgement capability amid complexity and ambiguity
  • Make effective risk/reward assessments
  • Assess the importance of Business Model renewal in a rapidly changing environment
  • The impacts of technology advances in value creation

Program Experience

Before the course, you will be onboarded into our online learning platform AGSM Navigator, which brings together interactive, virtual learning with evidence based in-person experiences. The Navigator will enable you to access your pre-course preparation materials, set your learning goals, complete mandatory online learning components, connect with our faculty, and submit final reflections.

You will take part in a series of interactive learning experiences, with insights and learnings supported by real cases from local and international organisations. During this highly practical course you will apply innovative concepts, techniques and tools to a live strategic project, giving you immediate practical experience to deliver instant impact.

Who Should Attend?

Senior leaders and general managers who play a role in shaping and executing strategy at an organisational or business unit level. It will also benefit those looking to step up into more strategic role.