Strategic and Adaptive Leadership

Leading through disruption and rapidly changing environments to transform your organisation

To lead in an accelerating business landscape, you need to be agile and ready to respond to new challenges, constantly preparing yourself for what's next. This course will introduce you to powerful leadership concepts that will enable you to lead with flexibility and agility, drive business transformation, solve complex challenges and navigate uncertainty.

Key Outcomes

  • Make stronger decisions amid increasing complexity
  • Build strategic leadership capabilities to improve organisational performance and drive transformation
  • Respond adaptively to organisational challenges
  • Identify growth opportunities through experimentation and exaptation
  • Determine where and how your organisation should play, and how you will win
  • Adopt the right strategy style to suit your organisational context
  • Understand when to apply adaptive vs. technical thinking
  • Develop an interdependent mindset within your team to improve decision-making, problem-solving and leadership.
  • Understand your role within your work systems
  • Tackle change immunity and factions that block progress

Program Experience

Alongside peers from diverse industry backgrounds, you will work through cutting edge frameworks, case studies and interactive discussions to develop a personal action plan for post-program implementation. Digital course content will enable you to return to key concepts, refresh your understanding and maintain momentum back in the workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders and executives with input into the strategic direction of their organisation or business unit who want to understand and apply strategic and adaptive leadership principles to become a stronger leader in the face of constant change.