The Authentic Communicator: Activating Presence

Leadership impact and influence through powerful communication, presentation and presence.

Presence is critical for anyone who needs to engage an audience of any size, from small meetings to large presentations. It enables you to communicate confidently, engage authentically and influence your audience, taking them on the journey with you. It allows you to have an audience in the palm of your hand, changing the way they think, feel and behave. This course will develop your communication techniques, allowing you to lead with presence and increase your impact in any scenario.  

Key Outcomes

  • Think confidently on your feet
  • Use physical and vocal presence to create impact
  • Strategies for managing nerves and recovering during presentations
  • Be present, show empathy, connect with values, and respond effectively in one-on-one and small group interactions
  • Adapt your content and style to the audience and context
  • Articulate purpose and values to motivate through storytelling
  • Your personal impact and areas for development
  • Building your confidence and resilience
  • Your vocal identity and physical presence
  • Tools to motivate and inspire your audience
  • Assessing and adapting your presence of mind, body and speech
  • Preparation for meeting and presentations

Program Experience

This is a highly interactive course that harnesses techniques from the acting and performance fields and combines them with AGSM's world class leadership development to deliver a unique learning experience. You will receive extensive one-on-one feedback from our expert presentation team to build the targeted skills that will increase your personal presence and impact. To maintain this interactive environment, courses are delivered in a small group format.

Before the course, you will be onboarded into our online learning platform AGSM Navigator, which brings together interactive, virtual learning with evidence based in-person experiences. The Navigator will enable you to access your pre-course preparation materials, set your learning goals, complete mandatory online learning components, connect with our faculty, and submit final reflections.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to increase their confidence, impact and influence in a range of communication scenarios, from one-on-one conversations and meetings, to large audience presentations.