Past Seminars & Conferences


  • Growing Up Under Mao and Deng: On the Ideological Determinants of Corporate Policies
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 16/04/2020 01:00pm

    Speaker: Hao Liang

    Affiliation: Singapore Management University

  • Inflation Risk and the Finance-Growth Nexus
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Wed 11/03/2020 12:00pm

    Speaker: Alexandre Corhay

    Affiliation: University of Toronto

  • Workplace Automation and Corporate Financial Policy
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Wed 04/03/2020 12:00pm

    Speaker: Tom Bates

    Affiliation: Arizona State University

  • Why Does Short Interest Predict Market Returns? A Global Perspective
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Fri 28/02/2020 12:00pm

    Speaker: Arseny Gorbenko

    Affiliation: UNSW Sydney

  • Long Goodbyes: Why do Private Equity Funds hold onto Public Equity?
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 27/02/2020 10:00am

    Speaker: Tim Jenkinson

    Affiliation: University of Oxford

  • When Sentiment is News
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Thu 20/02/2020 10:30am

    Speaker: Nadia Massoud

    Affiliation: Melbourne Business School

  • Climate Change, Operating Flexibility, and Corporate Investment Decisions
    Seminar Series

    Date: Tue 11/02/2020 10:00am

    Speaker: Thomas Schmid

    Affiliation: The University of Hong Kong

  • Roads and Loans
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 06/02/2020 10:00am

    Speaker: Abhiroop Mukherjee

    Affiliation: HKUST

  • The Network of Firms Implied by the News
    Seminar Series

    Date: Tue 04/02/2020 10:00am

    Speaker: Gustavo A. Schwenkler

    Affiliation: Boston University

  • Stock Market Returns and Consumption
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 31/01/2020 11:00am

    Speaker: Kaveh Majlesi

    Affiliation: Lund University


  • Option Market Trading Activity and the Estimation of the Pricing Kernel: a Bayesian Approach
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Fri 13/12/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Carlo Sala

    Affiliation: ESADE Business School

  • Private Equity Indices Based on Secondary Market Transactions
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 12/12/2019 10:00am

    Speaker: Michael Weisbach

    Affiliation: The Ohio State University

  • Do Corporate Disclosures Constrain Strategic Analyst Behavior?
    Seminar Series

    Date: Wed 04/12/2019 10:00am

    Speaker: Alexander Ljungqvist

    Affiliation: NYU Stern

  • Gender Competitiveness and Predictability in Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Thu 28/11/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: David Feldman

    Affiliation: UNSW Sydney

  • Tailored Activism
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Fri 15/11/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Attila Balogh

    Affiliation: UNSW Sydney

  • Could ├ČLehman Sisters├« Reduce Bank Risk-Taking? Cross-country evidence
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Fri 15/11/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Linda Wu

    Affiliation: Western Sydney University

  • Insights from Bitcoin Trading
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 14/11/2019 10:00am

    Speaker: Thomas McInish

    Affiliation: KAIST Business School

  • Do Firms Save Too Much Cash? Evidence from a Tax on Corporate Savings
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 07/11/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Mathias Kronlund

    Affiliation: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Private information: Any additional benefit?
    Brown bag workshop

    Date: Wed 06/11/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Inmoo Lee

    Affiliation: KAIST Business School

  • Predatory Advertising, Financial Fraud, and Leverage
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 31/10/2019 10:00am

    Speaker: Sudipto Dasgupta

    Affiliation: CUHK Business School