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Marketing plays a major social and economic role in today’s world. At the UNSW School of Marketing, you’ll study creative ways to match the performance objectives of organisations with the diverse and changing desires that users and buyers have for product and service offerings. In doing so, you'll learn how to identify and reach target markets of customers and develop, distribute, price, and promote portfolios of products and services that benefit both an organisation and its customers.


Marketing is essential to every business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It is a dynamic function aimed at creating differentiation and competitive advantage for a company, so you’ll learn to identify and understand the needs and wants of consumers.

Use big data analytics to better understand the consumer purchase journey and improve the effectiveness of marketing strategy by offering innovative products and enhanced consumer experience.

Your Study Pathways

We offer undergraduate students a range of courses at the Bachelor to Honours level in the field of marketing. A marketing major could lead you into careers such as marketing management, advertising and digital marketing, product and brand management, marketing analytics, or customer relations management. Marketing roles arise in entrepreneurial start-ups, medium-sized, and large organisations, and at all levels and across all industries

If you’re an outstanding student and want to distinguish yourself in the job market and hone high level research skills, Honours in Marketing is for you.

Learn from internationally renowned marketing experts. Students may choose to specialise in Marketing or Marketing Analytics within the Master of Commerce.

With our Doctor of Philosophy Marketing, you can make an original and significant contribution to knowledge in marketing.

Our Research

At the School of Marketing, UNSW Business School, we pride ourselves on being a global centre of excellence in marketing. Learn more about our research publications and industry engagement activities.

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Student Life

Whether it’s joining a club or society to meet other students and gain invaluable skills or exploring the academic tools and resources available to you, you’ll be able to make the most out of your university experience and student life at UNSW Business School.

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