Career Accelerator: The Basics

UNSW Business School exclusive event 

A Community Wednesday event 

What is Career Accelerator? And how does it connect to my UNSW Business School student experience?  

Whether you’re on the path of early career discovery, or reaching the pointy end of your degree and looking to pack-in real-world experiences before you graduate – Career Accelerator is the go-to for each and every UNSW Business School student.  

In this session, we’ll get down to basics, starting off with a career discovery exercise. This will be followed by interactive Q&A rooms with Career Accelerator staff, giving you the choice to find out more about:  

  • NETWORKING with industry and Alumni networking 

  • INTERNSHIPS in Australia  

  • GLOBAL internships and experiences  

  • MENTORING career programs with industry and Alumni  

No matter where you are in the world, or in your degree, there’s something for everyone. The question is – where to start? The answer: The Basics! 

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