David Colwell

Undergraduate Coordinator
Senior Lecturer



Journal articles
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Conference Presentations
Bhar R; Wang P; Colwell DB, 2008, 'Component Structure of Credit Default Swap Spreads and their Determinants', presented at 13th FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australasia), Melbourne, 29 September 2008 - 30 September 2008
Conference Papers
COLWELL DB; ELLIOTT RJ, 1991, 'MARTINGALE REPRESENTATION AND NON-ATTAINABLE CONTINGENT CLAIMS', in LECTURE NOTES IN CONTROL AND INFORMATION SCIENCES, SPRINGER VERLAG, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, pp. 833 - 842, presented at 5TH CONF ON SYSTEM MODELLING AND OPTIMIZATION, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, 02 September 1991 - 06 September 1991, http://gateway.webofknowledge.com/gateway/Gateway.cgi?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:A1992LF41500085&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a29b250adbe88d1

Quantitative finance; derivative securities; fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives; financial applications of Stochastic Calculus.

  • FINS3635 Options, Futures and Risk Management
  • FINS3636 Interest Rate Risk Management
  • FINS5535 Derivatives and Risk Management Techniques
  • FINS5536 Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives
  • FINS5591 Continuous-Time Finance