Juliet Bourke

Adjunct Professor

My primary areas of focus are diversity, inclusion, inclusive leadership, team performance and the future of work. I blend academic rigor with practitioner insights. Currently an Adjunct Professor in the School of Management and Governance, as well as the Chair of the Australian 30% Club Education Working Group, I was previously a partner in Deloitte. For ten years I led the National Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Practice in which capacity I advised global executives on D&I strategy and inclusive leadership. Prior to Deloitte I was a co-Founder of a boutique D&I consulting firm, and prior to that I worked in Government as a lawyer specialising firstly in criminal law and then human rights. As a sessional lecturer, I taught Organisational Behaviour at UNSW, and Advanced Discrimination Law at the University of Sydney.   

Journal articles
Aldakheel FM; Thomas PS; Bourke JE; Matheson MC; Dharmage SC; Lowe AJ, 2016, 'Relationships between adult asthma and oxidative stress markers and pH in exhaled breath condensate: A systematic review', Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, vol. 71, pp. 741 - 757, http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/all.12865
Bourke J, 2016, Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? How Diverse Teams Create Breakthrough Ideas and Make Smarter Decisions
Book Chapters
Andrews J; Bourke J, 2011, 'Trends in workforce participation in the Australian workforce 1900-2010', in Women at work: research, policy and practice, pp. 23 - 53

AFR top 100 Women of Influence 

Deloitte Global Recognition Award

UNSW Alumni Award

Women Lawyer's Association of NSW Achievement Award

Centre for Leadership for Women Award



Diversity, Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, Future of Work, Team dynamics